Monday, January 09, 2006

Off the leash...

Well as my first entry of the week, it will be from a very tired state of mind.

Last night, I went along with Donna to her work Christmas/annual staff party. What an interesting event...

I now know what happens when you take a couple of hundred people who are normally working hard when the rest of us are out on the town having fun and let them off the leash with an open bar at a rather swanky yacht club on the Swan River (hint: it was the home of the America's Cup for 4 years). The amount of alcohol that was put away last night was quite impressive.

I wish I had a camera with me last night though, not long before the bar closed I went to the toilets and there were 4 toilet stalls in the bathroom, and in each stall had a guy having a good ole chuck. Was quite an amusing sight. After relaying this information to some other people at the event, I was told the female bathroom was exactly the same.

The scary part of the whole situation is that some people were saying that the party was fairly tame compared to parties in previous years...

If things go quiet during the day, I could have possibly fallen asleep. Didn't get home and into bed until 2:30... then only got about 4 hours sleep. Early night tonight methinks.

Oh, and have you ever heard the noise made when one of those chip/choclate vending machines falls over onto its front. It makes quite a thump. To give you an idea what those things weigh, it took 8 guys to stand the machine back up.

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