Monday, January 16, 2006

Shark! Shark! Shark!

If any of you saw the news last night, you would have seen the report on the diver who got munched on by a White Pointer near City Beach. It was the lead story on the Perth TV News and it was made out to be this big danger to swimmers. It was only when you listened to the whole report they mentioned the fact the guy was diving 5.5km off City Beach. No danger at all.

The West (I know, I know) has a report:
A diver mauled and dragged by a shark about 5.5km off City Beach yesterday says he will invest in an electronic shark deterrent after the device worn by his diving buddy may have saved his life.

Sorrento electrician Bernie Williams said during his terrifying ordeal the 3.5m shark - believed to be a white pointer - started "chomping" on his arm and speargun before it "took me for a ride".

The experienced diver, who received a minor wound to his left elbow, said he was lucky to be alive.

Sure, the guy is very lucky, but I think Fisheries WA might be wanting to talk to him fairly soon...
"We were diving in 18m of water looking for crays when I got hit by a very big shark," Mr Williams said. "I never saw it coming. The first time it came at me I stabbed it on the nose with a speargun but it was just like hitting a lump of steel. It didn't slow it down in the slightest."

Why was this guy, who was looking for crays, carrying a speargun? According to Fisheries WA, it is illegal to fish for crayfish/lobsters with a speargun.
Diving for lobsters
Divers may only catch lobster by hand,or by using a held snare or blunt crook.Spears and similar devices that puncture or damage rock lobster are illegal.

Maybe this shark attack was really a warning by an angry Fisheries WA inspector without his spiffy yellow t-shirt...

Shark deterrent saves diver - The West Australian


Cookster said...

Or, there could be a far more commercial reason behind all this...

Craig said...

That is a pretty cynical view on things... :)