Thursday, January 05, 2006


Listening to some stand-up comedy the other day, I heard a bit by Sarah Silverman that was comedy gold. It was wrong, but so damn wrong it was funny. A few examples of the humour are:
If black people were in Nazi Germany the Holocaust would have never happened-or at least to the Jews.

My neice called me and said 'Aunt Sarah, did you know that Hitler killed 60 million Jews during the Holocaust?'

I said 'No honey, he killed 6 million Jews, not 60 million!'

The she said 'Oh yeah, oh yeah, but really, what's the difference?'

Because 60 million would be unforgivable!

She relies on the shock value of her jokes to do half the work for her. That said, it works very well and offers a small insight and criticism of the current level of anti-racism and political correctness.

I remember seeing her on Conan O'Brien a while ago where she dropped a bombshell that caused a bit of hot water for NBC in the US. Other people can transcribe the story better than myself:
In a 2004 appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, she told a joke with the punchline, "I love chinks," for which the Media Action Network for Asian Americans demanded an apology. NBC and O'Brien both apologized, but Silverman never did.

The joke is about trying to get out of jury duty, and as Silverman told it, a friend suggested to her, "Why don't you write something inappropriate on the form, like 'I hate chinks'?" But she says she did not want to be thought a racist, so instead, "I just filled out the form and I wrote, 'I love chinks' -- and who doesn't?"

Now that is funny.


Tom said...

That is, indeed, very funny.

Personally I don't much care for racism, but what can be construed as racist has gone out of proportion.

You can't even call me a stupid Pole, and I can't call my German mate a dumb Kraut without being technically racist.

However, I sure don't hate any race as a whole. Each individual race has plenty of people worth hating, though.

And each individual race seems to have common behaviours which give rise to stereotypes and I think it is the human way to poke fun at stereotypes and generalisations, whether they be in an individual or a whole race.

Craig said...

Even calling someone a bogan is bordering on racism these days.

People need to lighten up a bit and comedians like Ms Silverman might actually help the cause. Nick Giannopolis and Mary Coustas with their stage shows, TV shows and movies took the word wog from being a outright racist term and took it as something to be proud of.

I don't really see the difference between calling someone a 'stupid kraut' or a 'whinging pom'. One is accepted, one isn't. Although calling someone a whinging pom could result in a Liverpool kiss or some Irish Confetti being thrown.

James said...

I'd like to suggest to the Stupid Pole that the Dumb Krauts might take offence at being called dumb.... and roll a couple of Panzer divisions across the frontier again... and this time the Whinging Poms might not be there to help... and don't run crying to the fat arse stupid Americans 'cause they're too busy bombing Ragheads and whinging about Chinks with nukes. Of course you could ask the 'Fraidy Frogs but I think they're still "fighting fires" and the Ruskies are too drunk on cheap Vodka and capitalism...

You can count us convict Australians out too what with having to bash Lebs and being worried about Indonesian fisherman invading us we've got our own problems...

I think all that's missing is an inappropriate reference kickiing kaffir lovers and ram rooters....

Oh and that's meant to be satirical if you're reading this thinking I'm a racist you PC lezbollah freedom fighters. :P