Friday, January 13, 2006

Strange logo decisions...

Kodak has dumped their old logo and replaced it with a boring and very undistictive one.

The current trend for companies to reduce their logos to just plain text with a minimum of graphic content is all very boring. As someone who has dabbled in some logo and graphic design I really am perplexed as to why the big companies are dumping their old, very recognisable, logos with new logos that have no link to their past, and following on from that, no link to the brand recognition they have built up over the years.

That said, there has been some successful rebranding attempts in recent years. One of the more prominent that comes to mind is the BP revitalisation. They took the old shield design and replaced it with a nice green sun design as an attempt to brand them more as an green energy comapny rather than just an oil company. The new logo introduction was accompanied by a massive advertising campaign, so it didn't come cheap.

Logo 'updates' we're bound to see soon:
  • Apple loses the graphic apple to be replaced by the word 'Apple' in a quirky, but cool typeface
  • Nike loses the famous 'swoosh' to be replaced by a simple underline
  • Shell in a green bold typeface without the shell
  • BMW reinvent themselves without the 'propellor' design
  • Domino's Pizza without the domino

1 comment:

James said...

Can I suggest that Dominos keep the logo and lose the pizza instead? :P