Monday, January 16, 2006

This could get interesting...

I really do wonder sometimes that the people who supposedly lead us and run the world aren't just 10 year old children trapped in 40-60 year old bodies.

The latest hissyfit generator has been Iran and their goal to use nuclear power. The 'West' is claiming they want to produce nuclear weapoins and Iran denies this.

From this article:
IRAN seems headed for a showdown with the United Nations Security Council after its President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, defied the US President, George Bush, and European leaders, insisting Tehran would press ahead with its nuclear program despite the threat of economic sanctions.

Rounding on his critics, he said: "Ultimately, they need us more than we need them."

At a news conference that lasted more than two hours, a confident Mr Ahmadinejad put a question to Western governments: "So why do you strike a mighty pose? I advise you to understand the Iranian nation and revolution in a better way. A time might come that you would become regretful, and then there would be no benefits in regretting."

"We don't need nuclear weapons," he said, noting that religious doctrine restrained Iran from unleashing its stocks of chemical weapons when Iraq gassed Iranian troops during the 1980s. "Nuclear weapons are pursued by those who want to solve everything by bullying everyone."

He challenged the US to open its own nuclear facilities to UN inspection. Reversing a warning levelled at Tehran last week, he advised the US and Europe "not to isolate yourself any more in the family of nations".

Grinning and joking, he condemned the policy of Western countries. "They themselves have vats full of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. But they think that if they have these weapons they can impose their will on other nations."

The Iranian president seems like he wants to push the US and others to the limit to see where they will break.

With the US embroiled in a crapfight in Iraq and the world oil price remaining quite high, I think the Iranian President has chosen his time very well. if Iran (the world's 2nd largest oil producer) has sanctions imposed on them by the UN Security Council, then the price of oil would be expected to go even higher putting major pressure on the global economy, the US in particular. I wonder if the Iranian President is trying to force the US to play their hand and potentially put themselves into a position which may tip them into a recession that no amount of war spending will fix.

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