Thursday, January 05, 2006

This shit is going too far...

I think some people are a wee bit too sensitive on the race issue.
THE shine of Ricky Ponting's historic century was dulled by accusations of racial abuse of South Africa fast bowler Andre Nel by a spectator at the Sydney Cricket Ground yesterday.

The mood of the afternoon was soured when charismatic Nel reported to umpires brent "Billy" Bowden and Aleem Dar he had been racially abused by a man in the Yabba's Hill stand while fielding at fine-leg.
Nel had played along with the crowd for most of the day, even clapping while spectators chanted "Andre is a w--ker" until the sideshow allegedly turned nasty and he was called a "kaffir lover".

"Kaffir", also heard at the WACA Ground in the first Test in Perth, is the most derogatory term used to describe a black person in South Africa.

So in effect, all this spectator was saying that Andre Nel loves black people. How come he found it offensive? Does he not love blacks? Or does he find the use of the word 'kaffir' offensive?

Everytime I have heard the term of 'kaffir' used, it has been in a similar vein to the Australian use of 'wog'. And I would wager that most Australians believe 'kaffir' is just another word for black, not the most derogatory word to describe a black.

Anyway, this is all a bit funny with the whining coming from one of the most racist countries on this planet. They may have moved forward a bit but they still have a long way to go.

Race slurs anger South Africa -

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