Thursday, January 19, 2006

What an idiot...

This guy may be good at coming up with ideas, his execution of the ideas leaves a fair bit to be desired.

This fellow, Stuart Calvey, has come up with a damn good idea, a digital postcard. From the article:
Calvey's Snap+Send Postcard, a disposable digital camera, is so light and inexpensive it can be sent in the mail. All it needs is a stamp. "You would buy it at a newsagent or photo developer, take a few shots and, once it's full, you stick a stamp on it, address it and put it in the postbox," Calvey says.

"Then grandma, or your girlfriend, gets it. They tear open the perforations, fold out a little kick stand on the back and sit it on a bench top. Then it's as simple as pressing a button and it will go through a slide show of images."

The palm-sized camera-cum-postcard, housed in a cardboard shell with a two-megapixel lens, a 10-centimetre screen, digital memory and an internal battery, would cost about $25.

There is no delete or zoom functionality but you can take it to a photo shop to print some of the photos. This is a great idea. It could even come preloaded with a series of photos from the place where you brought it from. For example, if you bought one in Singapore you would get pictures of the Merlion, Parliament House, Clarke Quay and Changi Prison to start you off.

The reason why this guy is an idiot is neatly summed up here:
Calvey has come up with many clever concepts during his four years at university, including a wrapper designed to take the messiness out of eating a kebab. The packaging, with tapered sides and tearaway sections, won the young inventor a Packaging Council of Australia award in 2003.

He could have sold the rights to the clean-face kebab wrapper and the Snap+Send Postcard to keen companies, but prefers to just share his ideas while he's a student.

"I'd rather use them to show potential employers my ideas."

What a noble guy... This guy could sell these ideas to give himself a small income to get him through university. He can still use them on his portfolio when going to potential employers even though he has sold his ideas. Now that he has put these ideas out there, he has lost any chance he had of profiting from his hard work. He may be clever but he is still stupid.

Stamp of approval for disposable camera -

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