Monday, February 13, 2006

Champagne comedy...

Geez, if the US Government hadn't had enough of running around the world shooting as many people as possible, they are doing it at home too...

US Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a man during a weekend hunting trip in south Texas.

The victim, identified as Harry Whittington, 78, is reported in good condition in a Corpus Christi hospital after being hit with buckshot on Saturday while hunting quail with Mr Cheney.

Mr Cheney sprayed Whittington, an Austin lawyer, with shotgun pellets while hunting for quail at about 5.30pm (local time), the local newspaper Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported.

Mr Cheney was quoted afterwards as saying "I was tracking a quail through the forest when up popped Mr Whittington. He was between me and the quail, and if you harbour a quail you are as a good as being a quail. So I filled the old bastard with lead."

Investigations are continuing to see if the quail had a pilots licence, WMDs or participated in online file sharing.

Mr Cheney could not be reached for further comment as he was listening to his iPod...

I wonder if Mr Cheney will get charged over this? Or are the gun laws in the US so fucked up that this is allowed?

Cheney shoots hunting mate -


James said...

Well having done absolutely no research into the topic.... I'm going to say that he'll get off any serious charges as it's a "hunting accident" and he'll probably get some misdemeanour charge related to indiscriminately firing the weapon... of course it is Texas where they do have peculiar laws about guns... the peculiarity is that you can do pretty much anything :)

The funny thing is this from CNN:

"He was hit upon rejoining the group and "apparently came up unannounced" as Cheney prepared to fire." and

"The vice president, his Secret Service detail and other companions rushed to the wounded man's aid"

So this old bloke, with a gun although admittedly in the party came up unannounced... Now let's see if we can't get W out on a 'quail' hunt ;)

Craig said...

What the hell were the secret service doing when the old fella came up 'unannounced'?

Aren't those guys paid good money to watch out for Mr P and Mr VP?

And yes, when can we get W out on a hunt? If it is that easy to come up unannounced, W should be a sure kill.