Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Could this be the AIDS/HIV breakthrough the world is waiting for?

"A Bowling alley of death, haunted by decomposing grim reaper bowling over men, pregnant women, babies and crying children was featured on national television last night as the part of a $3 million AIDS education campaign, The 60-second commercial featuring the grim reaper, a macabre and dramatic rotten corpse with scythe in one hand and bowling ball in the other, is spearheading efforts by the National Advisory Committee on AIDS to Educate Australians about the incurable disease."

Some of you you will know about the subject of the above quote, some of you won't. It was one of those ads that you remember for a long time. This article reminded me of that ad.

Researchers, including a BYU scientist, believe they have found a new compound that could finally kill the HIV/AIDS virus, not just slow it down as current treatments do.

And, unlike the expensive, drug cocktails 25 years of research have produced for those with the deadly virus, the compound invented by Paul D. Savage of Brigham Young University appears to hunt down and kill HIV.

Although so far limited to early test tube studies, CSA-54, one of a family of compounds called Ceragenins (or CSAs), mimics the disease-fighting characteristics of anti-microbial and anti-viral agents produced naturally by a healthy human immune system.

Could this be the breakthrough the medical world is waiting for?

Could this turn HIV/AIDS into just another sickness that you go see a doctor, get a needle or prescription and be on your way again?

Salt Lake Tribune - Business

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Tom said...

It is certainly very encouraging that modern science can crack some nasty killers.

HIV and Cancer are two of the more frightening diseases because of their commonality and relative incurability.