Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mossad, can you hear me?

Many of you have probably seen the ads on TV and in the paper for the new Steven Spielberg movie, 'Munich'. It is a story that is inspired by the real-life events that happened after the Palestinian assasination of Israeli atheletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

The story follows a squad of Mossad agents charged with the job of hunting down the organisers of the terrorist group and killing them.

I have said it previously but if you say anything bad about the Israelis you get labelled anti-semitic. Can't these folk talk any criticism? Are they so up themselves that any accusation of any wrong doing is opposed by playing the racial vilification card? Or is it just a measure of how much the Jews control the media in the US?

The link below is to an commentary from the LA Times by the co-writer of 'Munich'. He, himself is a jew and has been labelled anti-semitic. How fucked up is that?
Defending 'Munich' to my mishpocheh - Los Angeles Times

As an aside, how much longer are the Jews going to keep complaining about how bad they were treated in the holocaust? It happened over 50 years ago now, thgose responsible are nearly all dead, they got given a whole country, they have a large control over the world's economy and have the US at their beck and call. Get over it already...

I think I'll go hide now...

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