Friday, February 17, 2006


A couple of things I have noticed lately:
  • Canning Vale should change its name to Camry Vale. Donna and I are housesitting my borther's place in Canning Vale. Commuting to and from work I have noticed the huge number of Camry's in Canning Vale. They even seem to outnumber Commodores and Falcons. Why?
  • Why do smokers act all disgusted when they smell the fart you dropped near them serruptitiously when you walk past their 'cloud' outside of a building?

1 comment:

Tom said...

Well the second observation has a simple answer.

You aren't farting in the designated farter's huddle.

Smokers get together and smoke and inhale their putrid stink.

But they don't like the smell of methane et al.

The trouble brews when the smokers insist on smoke "just" outside the building's back door, right where one might want to let off some steam.