Monday, February 20, 2006

You can't have it both ways...

Please explain on payphones

COMMUNICATIONS Minister Helen Coonan says she's disappointed Telstra planned to remove payphones without consulting with the government.

A Telstra Country Wide briefing note said the telco planned to slash 5,000 of its 32,000 payphones in country towns and capital cities over the next seven months.
A newspaper report said country towns in at least four states faced the loss of half their public outdoor phones.

To defuse the political fallout from its decision, the majority government-owned carrier planned to mark the phones with a sticker claiming the service is being relocated.

"Telstra hasn't either raised this plan with government or discussed it with me, so that in itself is disappointing," Senator Coonan told ABC radio.

One minute you want Telstra to run itself like a totally private company but in the next breath you whinge and complain that they are doing just that. You can't have it both ways. The apparently contradictory standards applied to Telstra must really shit the board of directors.

Telstra want to roll out fibre optic to every exchange in Australia to improve their ageing network, Telstra asked for the government to help pay for the plan but that was denied. So work continued on the plan using Telstra's own money, but now the government want them to allow other carriers like Optus to use the new capacity at a cut price rate. Optus has the resources to put in their own fibre optic network if they so wish, but if they are going to get Telstra's fibre optic network at such a cheap rate, why would they bother. If the government want Telstra to be a charity then they should have kept it 100% government owned, if they want it to be a private company, then leave it alone.

Australian IT - Please explain on payphones

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