Thursday, March 02, 2006

House Update #20 - Holy shit, we might be just about finished...

No pictures today folks, too many tradespeople about the site to get pictures lately. They seem to get a little edgy when one carries a camera into their work site.

Well, we are booked in for our 'Pre-Completion Inspection' or PCI for short, 7 am next Tuesday morning. Will have to get up at some silly sparrows fart hour on a day off but oh well, we all make sacrifices to get what we really really want. For those that don't know, a PCI is the check the owners do to make sure all the work requested has been done to a satisfactory standard and make sure all fittings, tiles, powerpoints, etc. match what was requested in the plan. We already know of a few things missing that need seeing to but we will note them on Tuesday.

We have done a few walkthroughs of our place in the last couple of weeks and the progress is amazing, we now have:
  • Panellift door
  • All tiling finished
  • Stove installed (rangehood and oven waiting on electrician)
  • Plumbing is complete (toilets flush)
  • Exhaust fans installed
  • Had a full house clean (must remember to make sure sliding glass doors are open before walking through)

And today the cable for the estate wide TV system was installed (as well as a free cable modem connection point) and the paving was started. Not much left to do now at all. Things like oven, rangehood, shower screens, sliding wardrobe doors, ceiling insulation, plaster patch and site clean are the only big things left to do.

Then our work starts...

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