Friday, March 17, 2006

You don't antagonise a crazy wog...

Fernando Alonso has put himself in the proverbial poo after making public the following thoughts in a press conference in Madrid in February:
"I'm glad that Rossi has tested with Ferrari because that means they have lost valuable time preparing the cars for the show they put on," the Spaniard told a news conference at a promotional event in Madrid.

"Let him come and drive. It will be good because there will be more media attention.

"Until we see him race we won't know his true potential, but it will be very difficult for him. He might finish fifth or even get on the podium some time, but I could do the same on the bikes if I was given a bit of time to practise."

Well Mr Rossi has responded the best way he could. He has given Alonso a challenge, a challenge that Rossi will probably win going by past performances.
"I read that if Alonso is able to make some practice then he can put a MotoGP bike on the podium with me," Rossi, a five times MotoGP World Champion, told Motorcycle News. "Well, I think we should drive a Formula One car, a World Rally car and a MotoGP bike, add the times together and then we will see who is the fastest."

In the last few months Rossi has top the testing times in MotoGP practice, done some very competitive lap times in F1 testing and also ran a Subaru WRC with reasonable success.

Good luck Fernando...

MOTOGP News - Rossi challenges Alonso!

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