Monday, April 03, 2006

Mission Status: Success

Damn, that was a big weekend. No I wasn't out partying like it was 1999, I spent the weekend painting the new house.

I think we have found the one big drawback to having a house with over 300 m2 of floor area. It requires shitloads of paint to cover the walls. But thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, we got it all done after 2 days of painting. We ended up using about 26 litres of undercoat/sealer. So with a rough estimation based on 2 coats of top coat, another 52 litres of paint will be needed to finish up. It can wait a little bit now.

Oh, and the tiling should be finished today. All the tiler has left to do is to cut in a few tiles in the linen cupboard and do the grouting. When we got out there this afternon it should be all done. Another job down.

The move is going to be happening next weekend and permanent residency should be attained for saturday night.

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