Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reducing Easter to a sideshow...

I can remember when people went to church because they believed in a deity or ideal and wanted enlightenment through a sermon...

Well a nondenominational church in Florida has struck upon an idea to convert some people from another church. The people they are trying to convince to come to church belong to the NASCAR religion. Article here.

Church hopes race car will drive attendance

EAST MANATEE -- To some, the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. was like a god.

On Easter Sunday, an East Manatee church is hoping the NASCAR legend's larger-than-life status will have folks racing to their services.

Bayside Community Church plans to have Earnhardt's black No. 3 Chevrolet Monte Carlo available for viewing and photos.

But there's a catch: People have to sit through a service to get a ticket, which allows them to be photographed with the race car. Then, they have to return the next weekend and sit through another service to pick up the free 4-by-6-inch picture.

The nondenominational church expects to more than double its normal attendance of about 1,100. It has mailed out 40,000 fliers, sent out press releases and advertised on a country radio station and at the DeSoto Speedway.

Sure, Dale Earnhardt may be viewed as a god in southern USA, but doesn't this constitute the use of a false idol?

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