Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's good for the goose...

When are these women going to pull their heads in and keep their mouths shut?

Men ban women in the kitchen

BLOKES-ONLY cooking classes have won an exemption from the equal opportunity laws in Victoria, after men complained women should be banned because males were intimidated by their better culinary skills.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard evidence that men were reluctant to attend mixed cooking classes when they had little or no cooking experience, lacked confidence or believed women were better cooks.
The tribunal granted an application by Melbourne man Brian Laker to conduct men-only cooking classes in Rowville.

Ben Dalton, who runs men-only cooking classes in Sydney and Melbourne, said yesterday men were often intimidated by women in the kitchen.

What stupid person took this thing to court?

Has anyone contested all the women-only gyms and fitness clubs that have sprung up everywhere of late? Does anyone else find it a bit amusing that a fair few years ago women were fighting to get into men-only clubs and sports groups in the aim of equality, only to now withdraw themselves into women-only establishments? Do they want equality or not? Or do they now realise that not everything has to be equal?


Tom said...

Yet more ridiculous antics from people who continually open their mouths to mouth off loudly about topics they haven't given too much though.

Fair enough if there's a legitimate concern, but people have long been arguing over the smallest things for the sake of it.

As with most things human, they are merely swinging back, pendulum like... perhaps one day there will be a state of equilibrium.

Nick said...

They want equality - well when they tee off the back markers then all is right otherwise they should just shut the f*@k up.