Friday, April 21, 2006

Whingy boy

C'mon Ponting. Aren't you paid enough to just shut up?

You are a professional sportsperson and if you can't cut it, then retire and let someone (possibly younger) step up and play. You play cricket, not Aussie Rules or Rugby, and the physical demands on your body aren't all that high. Standing in the field for usually 2 days at a time, then sitting in the pavillion or batting for a day or two isn't hard work.

Shut up, go get pissed and enjoy your 5 months off.

Ponting fumes at timetable - Fox Sports

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Nick said...

I agree. There is only a few tests a year and they get paid mega-bucks so they should just take their money and do their job. Five months off now is the reward for a "hard" slog over the last 15 months.