Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How to win friends and influence people...

I think the current West Australian Minister for Education & Training, Ljiljanna Ravlich, is trying to immortalise herself in the state's history. In her infinite wisdom, she has decided that denim has an image of being 'fun' and should not be worn to school. To be fair, it wasn't her idea, it was the now Premier's idea back in 2004.
"When students are at school I want them to be dressed appropriately, ready to concentrate on the day's work ahead, not be preoccupied with the latest fashion accessory, the latest fashion style," Ms Ravlich said today.

"I think being out of uniform is a distraction."

To be enforced from the start of the school year in 2007, the ban will cover all forms of denim clothing: jeans, shorts, jackets, skirts, etc. One of her main reasons behind the decision is that denim clothing is causing students to take their mind off learning and concentrate on the latest fashions. I say bullshit, if the students aren't wearing denim fashions, they will just go and find non-denim fashions that will probably cost a lot more and require the student to be more focussed on looking after their new 'expensive' threads.

While on the topic of looking after your threads, I have another problem with this ban. It will make kids fatter. I lost you just then didn't I? Let me explain. I attended a school once where they had an official winter and summer uniform. The winter uniform consisted of these crappy grey 'slacks' that were really uncomfortable and at the time cost about $50 (I think, was a fair while ago) from the school clothing shop. Mum bought two pairs to get me through the week. The first week of wearing these pants, during lunch, I managed to get a massive grass stain on the knee whilst playing rugby with the boys. You would think a good soak and wash would shift the stain, but you would be wrong. Scratch one pair of school pants. I wasn't a popular son.

The other pair of pants lasted another few weeks. While playing brandy in the quadrangle, I slipped and fell on my knee creating a good sized hole in the knee of the pants and my skin. Scratch school pants number 2. The polls indicated my popularity had slipped further and was at an all time low. Even my two son preferred vote was in jeopardy. For the rest of the winter I was sent to school in jeans. Strangely enough, by the end of winter, the majority of students were also doing the same thing.

Back to my tangent, now that denim is being banned in schools, parents will tell their kids not to play sport or take part in any activity at lunch or recess that could cause damage to the pants. Lunchtimes and recess are times to play and burn up all the pent-up energy from the previous lessons, not to sit down quietly and be boring little shits.

Alternately, kids will be just like I was and end up ruining many a pair of trousers causing the parents to say 'fuck the government' and send their kids to school in denim.

I wonder if the ban applies to the teachers as well? Wouldn't bother some of my old geography and maths teachers though, brown trousers and brown jackets (some even with elbow patches) were the order of the day (everyday, that is) for them.

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