Friday, May 19, 2006

Look out weekend cause, here I come...

Well there goes another week. A week that has left me mentally drained. Is it a bad sign in your job when you really start to look forward to the weekends?

It has come to that really annoying part of any development cycle, the testing period. I seem to be fighting seemingly minor issues constantly and of course it doesn't help when a third party control changes how a series of functions work between minor version updates.

I hate testing, I hate doing testing. I hate getting testing results from people who don't know what pre-release testing really is for. In a perfect world I would happily do all the app design and some of the dev work but when testing comes along, because less resources should be needed for bug fixing, hand off the remaining work to some junior programmer. This would leave me to move onto the next project and start putting the ideas into a cohesive design.

Things are looking up though. The new version should be out the door by early July and we will start moving towards a series of rapid minor releases for all our products. We will be using the Scrum methodology with each Sprint being a block (probably a month) of work for a minor version update. Each Sprint will be focussed on a different product.

Anyway, I might head back to my bourbon and watch some more footy. It looks like Melbourne is going to give me my first correct tip for this weekends footy tipping. Go the Demons...

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