Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday night...

Ah yes, another saturday has come to a close. Such a busy day today.

First off was a trip down to the pools for Calvin's swimming lessons. He is getting so good in the water. I can let him jump into the water from the pool edge and let him swim back to the surface by himself. He just loves going underwater.

Then off to the shops to do the grocery shopping. A lot of people don't like doing the weekly shop, but I find it quite therapeutic. Although there are the people that seem to be deliberately getting in your way constantly, it doesn't bother me. I just take my time selecting the food I like to cook with.

The rest of the day was spent pottering around home, cooking dinner (home made Shepherd's pie) and keeping Calvin under control.

Now I am sitting down watching Saturday Night Football and Collingwood is currently belting Geelong. Collingwood has a 59 point lead at half time, the Cats should be ashamed. Collingwood is playing brilliant football, their skills are great they just seems to be 2 steps ahead of everything Geelong is doing. Watching a football game where you have no direct affiliation to either club (I do have a soft spot for Collingwood though) lets you watch the flow of the game and how the umpires are controlling the game. The umpires tonight are absolutely woeful. The decisions, or lack of them, regarding mainly holding the man and pushes in the back have been real puzzling. There have been at least half a dozen incidents where a Geelong player has fallen on to the back of a Collingwood player and the umpire has either decided it wasn't worth paying a free kick or he is a blind fucking mole. They run a bit too quick to be moles, so that means they don't regard the incidents worthy of a free kick. Do these umpires have a different set of rules than what everyone else thinks they have? The AFL really needs to sort out the umpiring and bring it to a consistent level. At the start of the season, the umpires had zero tolerance on late contact with the ball handler after a mark was taken, by round 8 the tolerance levels are like the Australian public to John Howard, pretty much free to do whatever they want.

heat so bad it burned my wife's leg and Applecare says "RTM"

I found a link to a forum post on Apple's support site. I'll let the original poster set the story up...
I have a Macbook Pro, and my wife and I drove home from Disneyland yesterday. She had the MPB on her lap and was watching a movie from the hard drive. It got hot enough to actualy burn her leg.

I call Applecare this morning, they facilitate a repair by sending me a box... and John (the Specialist) actually said "In the manual, it says that the device shouldn't be placed on your lap." Granted the guy apologized for it getting hot, or as he said "overly warm", but holy crap! To actually try and blame us for this unit getting hot enough to HURT someone is ridiculous.

I've got all the usual problems. The whine, the heat, the random rebooting..... but it's my fault that I didn't read the manual.

They say you should always use it on a flat surface, well I have an Antec cooler with 2 fans and it still runs hotter than ****.

For fuck sake, if someone was one, stupid enough not to feel your leg burning, and two, disregarded warnings in the manual, and still want to complain, they can't be too bright. Most people have this notion that all portable computers come under the category of being a 'laptop'. In fact, the majority are 'notebook' computers and should not be used on your lap for an extended period of time due to the heat dissipation requirements. Stupid woman... I recommend reading the posts replying to this guy, the discussion gets a little heated and quite amusing.

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