Friday, May 19, 2006

Who's Next!

Haven't we come a long way in the last few years...

The video below is real-time footage from a new game on a Nokia N93 mobile phone, 'Who's Next' is the sequel to 'One' which was available on the Nokia N-Gage taco phone. It is amazing that such 3D rendering can be achieved on such a device. Something that was unthinkable even a few years ago when 'Snake' was the most advanced game on your phone.
Who’s Next took advantage of motion capturing technology to make a realistic 3D fighter. The designers are proud that every move in the game can be performed in real life, if you’re an expert martial artist. Who’s next adds in weapons like nunchucks as seen in the demo along with fighting styles like Jeet Kun Do. Still in the works are customization options. Players will be able to customize their character to some degree by adding on accessories. Nokia hopes that players will be able to use texture mapping to design their own costumes. However, that feature may or may not be available in the final build.

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