Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yard work...

Geez, another busy week has come to an end. On wednesday we had a bobcat come in to remove a heap of extra dirt (a full truckload) and do a general clean up. All for the small sum of $300. Took just under 2 hours.

Turned out pretty well. I still have the number if anyone needs some clean up work done, let me know and I'll send the number through.

Now that the backyard has been cleaned up we have the ability to get out there and start establishing some gardens. That is what today was all about. Firstly I started laying out the bricks for the garden edges and used up all our remaining solid face bricks. Next Donna and I got stuck in and tried our hand at paving. We think it turned out pretty well. I just have to get some cement and fix the edge pavers in place to stop any movement.

Next on the agenda is to put the plants into the garden and get some mulch in. After that is to start on the garden around the back of the house and also the vegie garden. I can see my future before me...

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