Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to my world...

Considering it is a Monday after a big weekend (a little more on that later), I am in a great place at present, coding away on something interesting and listening to some kick arse instrumental music.

My entry to this world came courtesy of The Prodigy, I heard the Pendulum Remix of 'Voodoo People' on the radio this morning and felt inclined to listen to some Prodigy while working. After hitting random in ITunes and listening to some big beat, high BPM stuff, the little iTunes monkey seemed to be reading my thoughts and started me on the first track of 'The Narcotic Suite'.

'The Narcotic Suite' is a group of three tracks that were included as the last 3 tracks on The Prodigy's 'Music for a Jilted Generation', released in 1995. The three tracks are called, '3 Kilos', 'Skylined' and 'Claustrophobic Sting'. All instrumental, all good. Great music to code by actually.

I suppose I had better get back to my little world, this code won't write itself...

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