Sunday, July 30, 2006

Everything must go!

Grab your genuine Farkhari rug... well not a rug per se, but a block of land in the new Rockingham Village project.

The first public auction of the new land release was yesterday morning down at the new Rockingham Village Green. The amount of work they have done down there is amazing. Definitely trying to transform Rockingham from a sleepy little bogan town into a cosmopolitan type setting. I really don't know if they will succeed to the levels they desire but any improvement is better than none at all.

I went down to the auction as a bit of an interested party, my mum and dad live not far from there and I have spent the last 17 years living in Rockingham and have seen it grow quite substantially (last year Rockingham was the 2nd fastest growing area in Australia). The prices of the land did not go as high as I expected but for the land area they aren't too bad.

Here is the lot plan:

I didn't stick around for the full auction but I did get the following prices:
  • Lot 338 - $280,000

  • Lot 339 - $302,000

  • Lot 340 - $303,000

  • Lot 341 - $306,000

  • Lot 342 - $308,000

  • Lot 343 - $310,000

  • Lot 344 - $311,000

  • Lot 345 - $319,000

  • Lot 346 - $310,000

  • Lot 355 - $268,000

  • Lot 356 - $286,000

The price drop for 355 and 356 was a big surprise but when you are straight across the road from the Police and Citizens Youth Club. But I wouldn't even pay that much for the park facing blocks. The street they face is on the route from the Swinging Pig (pub) to the nightclub area, so you will have to deal with some nice locals trudging past on Friday and Saturday nights.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Gay is gay in any language...

Sorry to those on slow links but this is another bit of YouTube goodness...

Microsoft is having a hard time selling the Xbox360 in Japan at present. I hear the PS2 is outselling the 360 even now, years after its initial release.

But it is quite understandable when MS decide to use ads like the one below to promote the 360. Are all those people running from the Japanese version of N*Sync? Or is it a homophobic lynch mob?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Condemned to repeat the sins of the past...

The current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is just plain crazy. Israel's response to the simple kidnapping of two soldiers at a border post has been excessive to say the least. Of course, the world expresses their dislike of Israel's actions but the US cheers them on.

The excessive actions being perpertrated by Israel on the people of Lebanon is eerily similar to some of the actions of Nazi Germany on resistance movements during WWII. In some ways the comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany is a little unfair but it is the most similar in the treatment of those that oppose the greater power. Do the Jews realise what they are doing will not end well for them? The Hezbollah know this and actively goad the Israeli's into launch attacks that will have some level of civilian casualties and deaths. There is no doubt that the actions of Hezbollah make them a terrorist organisation and Israel has every right to defend themselves against the attacks, but they need to do it much smarter than they currently are. Bombing Lebanese infrastructure (like bridges, roads, runways, etc.) which is in no way connected to a terrorist organisation is wrong any way you see it.

Another facet to this conflict which really puzzled me was the US pledge of aid worth $40 million to Lebanon to help the supply of food and water to those affected by the conflict. Seems all nice and helpful even though the US supports Israels actions in Lebanon. But when you consider that Israel receives 30% of the total US foreign aid budget, which adds up to over $5 billion per year, nearly $15 million per day. The $40 million over of ais to Lebanon seems a bit pissweak really. And the US wonders why the terroroists are tagretting them and Israel.

I found this great quote from Mahatma Gandhi about Israel's 'right to exist':
Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home." - Mahatma Gandhi, 26/11/1938

Friday, July 21, 2006

Roof goes down, roof goes up, roof goes down, etc.

I think Mazda just found a whole new market for their MX-5. A market that includes those that worry about the effects of knives and rain on soft top cars...

Previously the only hard top availabel for the MX-5 was a big fibreglass thing that weighed a ton and that made it a bit hard to remove so you could enjoy open top motoring. Now those clever little fellows in Japan have come up with a retractable hardtop roof for the MX-5. What sets this roof apart from other retractable hardtop convertibles is that when the roof is down, no luggage space is lost. If you have ever seen the boot of an MX-5, you will know that losing any sort of space is simply not an option as limited as it already is.

I have a full res version of the vid (7MB), leave a comment with your email address and I will send it through...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are we (collectively) THAT stupid?

What is it with movies being advertised "only in cinemas, August 7th".

Do cinema promoters really think people are so stupid to believe that the movie will ONLY be in cinemas? Do they think that people will swallow that movie executives will choose to miss out on the extra revenue from DVD sales?

Obviously they get away with it, because technically the movie WILL only be in cinemas on that particular day, and a number of days after that too. At least for 3-6 months before it is time to release the "Director's Cut Special Edition DVD" of the movie, which, incidentally is practically identical to the theatrical release, but that's a whole other topic...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Crazy frenchman...

That headbutt by Zidane in the World Cup final has sparked the creative minds of funny people the world over. Here is a prime example...

Putin lands a right hook on Bush...

And the world applauds...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It is hard not to be...

...anti semitic when the Israelis are allowed to get away with serious acts of agression like this:
ISRAELI warplanes today bombed runways at Beirut's Rafiq Hariri International Airport, which was then closed to traffic, a Lebanese aeronautic source said.

Witnesses said there were at least two raids on an eastern runway while Lebanese anti-aircraft batteries frantically fired at the invading planes.
The bombing of the airport, recently named after former premier Hariri who was assassinated in February 2005, came after nearly 24 hours of Israeli bombardments, up to then concentrated on bridges linking south Lebanon with the rest of the country.

The military action started after the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement in a border operation.

So the Israeli's bombed an airport and a series of bridges in response to a terrorist group taking 2 of their soldiers hostage. Even and balanced response I'm sure.

The Israeli's have been on a huge power trip since they were given their land after World War II 60 years ago. I really wonder if it was a good decision to strip the arab nations of their land without any sort of agreement and give it to the jews. I won't go so far as to say that Iran, Syria and Lebanon should bomb Israel back to the stone ages but a couple of good jew poundings might actually help things in the middle east. Bring everyone back to the same level so talks between the arab nations might actually get somewhere and produce some meaningful results.

And as expected:
The White House, which considers Hezbollah a terrorist outfit, condemned the capture of the soldiers and pointed the finger at Israel's two main foes, Iran and Syria, which both bankroll the fundamentalist Shiite movement.

"We call for the immediate and unconditional release of the two soldiers. We also hold Syria and Iran, which directly support Hezbollah, responsible for this attack and for the ensuing violence," said national security spokesman Frederick Jones.

Washington also defended Israel's ground incursion into Lebanon -- the first since the 2000 pullout, saying its chief Middle East ally was entitled to defend itself against "terrorist" attacks.

If this was North Korea responding to South Korea capturing a couple of their soldiers, there would be a massive outcry and the world would demand North Korea to pull their head in or risk getting bombed. Are the jews so far entrenched in the US system that blind support for Israel is not just advised, but is mandatory?

And don't you just love how the US can drag Iran and sometimes Syria into any situation that they see fit...


Before I start my little rant, yes I know I am not the person to dole out fashion tips, but I do know what looks fuckin stupid...

The latest fad of having giant sunglasses. What is with that? Why oh why do you want to look like a bleached blowfly with blonde hairdo? And the girls (95% of giant sunglass wearers in my limited research) that wear these *things* are so waif thin that the glasses make their scrawny immature heads look even smaller and out of proportion with their body.

I'll let you in on a little secret... you look like a dork. It really doesn't do any favours in advertising your decision making ability, of course, your clothes don't help. You walked into a sunglasses shop and deliberately chose the biggest and boldest pair of sunglasses you could. Did you even try them on and look in the mirror? If you did, take 10 points of your already limited IQ.

I think in some way we can blame Elton John and Bono for this current fad. I suppose anything we can pin on Bono to quell his god complex and go back to writing good music is a good thing.

I think I might leave this rant with an example of how these giant sunglasses make you look. Thanks to Nicole Ritchie for her modelling skills (she doesn't have much else to work with):

What do ya reckon?
Seperated at birth or what?

Song Shuffle Magic 8-ball

I found this on another blog somewhere and gave it a try for myself. Some strange but accurate answers.

Simple directions: use the shuffle function on your music player and see what you come up with in answer to the following questions.

How does the world see you?
Funky Shit - The Prodigy I think this is cool...

Will I have a happy life?
Secrets - Grinspoon Tell me dammit!

What do my friends really think of me?
Eon Blue Apocalypse - Tool I don't know how to interpret this...

Do people secretly lust after me?
The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica Does this mean I am unattainable or should not even be considered?

How can I make myself happy?
Extreme Human Behaviour - George Carlin Hahaha, it is strangely true

What should I do with my life?
Don't Panic - Coldplay Douglas Adams' influence lives on...

Will I ever have children?
Thank You - The Whitlams Poignant

What is some good advice for me?
People are Paople - Depeche Mode I think there is something in that for all of us... I just don't know what as of yet.

How will I be remembered?
Dynamite - Jamiroquai Do I go off with a bang? Or should I be handled with care lest I take you fingers off?

What do I think my current theme song is?
Battle of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds Five Is this saying I may be a bit self absorbed at present...

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
King For A Day - Jamiroquai They're just jealous of me :)

What song will play at my funeral?
Gone - Ben Folds I will be...

What type of women do you like?
Holiday in Spain - Counting Crows Hmmm does this mean I like Spanish women? Or British trollops that holiday in Ibiza? I hope the former...

What is my day going to be like?
Outlaw Torn - Metallica Surprisingly accurate, nuts already... and after less than 5 hours sleep, it is even worse

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fun at the movies...

As a bit of nerd that did a Graphics minor in his Computer Science degree, Pixar has been held in quite high regard by myself (and many others) for their innovative and high quality work. It helps as well that they have the creative team behind the technology to showcase their abilities in the best way.

Pixar's latest animation marvel is 'Cars'. Cars is the story of a brilliant young rookie racing car named Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, chasing the Piston Cup championship. His arrogance and overconfidence is his problem. But when he is forced to pay for damage he caused in a country town, his attitude starts to change. I won't go into the story any more than that, because YOU have to see this movie. It probably isn't isn't as good as 'Finding Nemo' for total entertainment value but it is one very entertaining movie.

In typical Pixar fashion, they seem to have been able to get the best talent available to do the voicework. The cast includes:
  • Owen Wilson - Lightning McQeen
  • Larry the Cable Guy - Mater
  • Paul Newman - Doc Hudson
  • Cheech Mariin - Ramone
  • Tony Shalhoub - Luigi
  • George Carlin - Fillmore
  • John Ratzenberger - Mack
  • Micahel Keaton - Chick Hicks
  • Katherine Helmond - Lizzie
Add in the cameo voicework by Richard Petty, Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Jay Leno, Arnold Schwarzenegger,

And typically Pixar thing is the number of in jokes that have been put into the movie. A few that I noticed:
  • Lightning McQueen's number 95 refers to the year Toy Story was released
  • The neon lights on Flo's V8 Cafe flash in the proper firing order for a Ford V8
  • The King's crash in the final race is a near exact recreation of Richard Petty's big crash at Daytona in the late 1980s
  • One of the extra racing cars is sponsored by Apple and has the number 84. The Macintosh was released in 1984
  • A truck in the truck stop that is shown has the 'i' logo from the Incredibles
  • Tom Hanks provides a cameo voice for a 1930s Ford 'Woody' station wagon
  • The pizza delivery truck from Toy Story is at the LA Speedway for the final race
  • There is a camper van at one of the races surrounded by pink flamingoes and a pool, possibly a nod to the short animation 'Knick Knacks'

Mater and Lightning McQeen

Monday, July 10, 2006

Left, left, left...

In an announcement that took the Formula 1 world by complete surprise, Juan Pablo Montoya has let everyone in on one of the biggest secrets for next year.

JP is going to have half his brain removed and is defecting to NASCAR and joining his old CART team boss, Chip Ganassi. He will have to forget about turning right for at least the next few years. This is a great loss to Formula 1, JP has the talent and attitude to make it big in F1, but his machinery has let him down way more than it should.

2 down, 18 more to go...

The woman who was all the rage last year, Schapelle Corby, 'celebrated' her 29th birthday today, her second while in a Bali jail.

My question is, why is this still news? She is a convicted drug trafficker. She does not deserve the attention she gets.

Will we have to hear about how Schapelle is faring and what hairstyle she has July 10th every year? I fucking well hope not. If those trashy women's magazines are still popular in 20 years, what is the bet one of them get the exclusive 'Schapelle's Amazing Bali Diet!'?


If you have ever been to a drag racing meet and wondered how much abuse the tyres on the cars have to take. Well, this video shows just how much stress the tyres have to deal with.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Polls and loaded questions...

As always at the start of the new week, there is yet another poll result supporting someone's special interest. Today is no different...

A company called Opinion Dynamics Corporation conducted a poll on how Americans feel on a few select issues.

My favourite question is this:
Do you think the United States should honor its international treaty commitments to other countries, even if that means releasing dangerous enemy fighters from Guantanamo Bay?

Talk about loading a question. All this generates is an emotional response and certainly precludes the intellectual results from giving a real indication of the true opinion of the poll group. If the question was rephrased as:
Do you think the United States should honor its international treaty commitments to other countries, meaning that possibly innocent detainees would be released from Guantanamo Bay?

I am sure the poll results would be quite different.

Incidentally, the result of the original question had 54% of respondents saying that the US should ignore treaties if it meant releasing Guantanamo detainees. And they wonder why the world hates them...

Waving your dick in the wind...

Unless you have been in a media blackhole over the weekend, you would have heard about the forced eviction of two housemates on Big Brother for a 'breach of the rules'.

Channel ten and Southern Star Endemol (BB producers) have followed the line that John (Brazilian with strange hair and mild Tourettes) and Ashley (bogan brickie from Rockingham) seriously breached the Big Brother rules and were evicted. Little of the actual event has been released.

But thanks to some BB tragics (what they were doing awake at 4:30 am watching BB is beyond me) who like to watch the live streaming from the house at odd times, the real story has been let out and here we are:
At approximately 4.30am Saturday morning Camilla went to John and Ashley's bed. While there John held down Camilla while Ashley knelt over her, apparently slapping her in the face with his penis. At one stage John was holding Camilla down by her head. The incident went to air over the internet streams and several users recorded screen captures which are now circulating the internet. At the time Camilla was quoted as saying "thats not cool".

So essentially John and Ashley 'sexually assaulted' Camilla. The fact they held Camilla down against her will and and performed the act, made the decision of BB to evict John and Ashley the only option.

The calls to axe Big Brother are a completely knee-jerk response to an unfortunate incident that was dealt with by Big Brother in the proper way.

Oh, and I have pictures:

United States of Prententious Tossers

I stumbled upon a website titled 'It's Called Soccer, Dude' and even I was surprised at the pretentiousness of the stupid USians who created it.

The British founded the English language.
And, like all things worthwhile, it took America to perfect it.

Once again (snore) the United States of America brings leadership and solidarity to the world- unifying all nations under one name and one common vision for the future. Our vision. Let the Earth rejoice in the singularly correct name for the 'World's Game' heretoforth...
It's Called Soccer. Dude.

The Spanish founded the idea of invading a country and fucking over it's inhabitants.
And like all things ignorant, it took America to perfect it.

Sure we call football soccer here in Australia, at least we don't have the prententiousness to try and make the rest of the world change the name of their national sport..