Sunday, July 30, 2006

Everything must go!

Grab your genuine Farkhari rug... well not a rug per se, but a block of land in the new Rockingham Village project.

The first public auction of the new land release was yesterday morning down at the new Rockingham Village Green. The amount of work they have done down there is amazing. Definitely trying to transform Rockingham from a sleepy little bogan town into a cosmopolitan type setting. I really don't know if they will succeed to the levels they desire but any improvement is better than none at all.

I went down to the auction as a bit of an interested party, my mum and dad live not far from there and I have spent the last 17 years living in Rockingham and have seen it grow quite substantially (last year Rockingham was the 2nd fastest growing area in Australia). The prices of the land did not go as high as I expected but for the land area they aren't too bad.

Here is the lot plan:

I didn't stick around for the full auction but I did get the following prices:
  • Lot 338 - $280,000

  • Lot 339 - $302,000

  • Lot 340 - $303,000

  • Lot 341 - $306,000

  • Lot 342 - $308,000

  • Lot 343 - $310,000

  • Lot 344 - $311,000

  • Lot 345 - $319,000

  • Lot 346 - $310,000

  • Lot 355 - $268,000

  • Lot 356 - $286,000

The price drop for 355 and 356 was a big surprise but when you are straight across the road from the Police and Citizens Youth Club. But I wouldn't even pay that much for the park facing blocks. The street they face is on the route from the Swinging Pig (pub) to the nightclub area, so you will have to deal with some nice locals trudging past on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Tom said...

The benefit of local knowledge :)

It is amazing what you'll find when you move into your dream home, and then proceed to lobby the council to ban everything possible.