Thursday, July 13, 2006


Before I start my little rant, yes I know I am not the person to dole out fashion tips, but I do know what looks fuckin stupid...

The latest fad of having giant sunglasses. What is with that? Why oh why do you want to look like a bleached blowfly with blonde hairdo? And the girls (95% of giant sunglass wearers in my limited research) that wear these *things* are so waif thin that the glasses make their scrawny immature heads look even smaller and out of proportion with their body.

I'll let you in on a little secret... you look like a dork. It really doesn't do any favours in advertising your decision making ability, of course, your clothes don't help. You walked into a sunglasses shop and deliberately chose the biggest and boldest pair of sunglasses you could. Did you even try them on and look in the mirror? If you did, take 10 points of your already limited IQ.

I think in some way we can blame Elton John and Bono for this current fad. I suppose anything we can pin on Bono to quell his god complex and go back to writing good music is a good thing.

I think I might leave this rant with an example of how these giant sunglasses make you look. Thanks to Nicole Ritchie for her modelling skills (she doesn't have much else to work with):

What do ya reckon?
Seperated at birth or what?


Tom said...

Wow, I would have said the same thing, but I was too lazy to post.

However, in Europe I found heaps of blokes wearing the same kind (but slightly different shape) sunnies.

Women I can understand. Young women seem to be getting more and more stupid as I get older. But for guys to subscribe to such a fashion fad with such gusto is inexcusable.

kickstand said...

Funny Sh*t!