Thursday, July 13, 2006

It is hard not to be...

...anti semitic when the Israelis are allowed to get away with serious acts of agression like this:
ISRAELI warplanes today bombed runways at Beirut's Rafiq Hariri International Airport, which was then closed to traffic, a Lebanese aeronautic source said.

Witnesses said there were at least two raids on an eastern runway while Lebanese anti-aircraft batteries frantically fired at the invading planes.
The bombing of the airport, recently named after former premier Hariri who was assassinated in February 2005, came after nearly 24 hours of Israeli bombardments, up to then concentrated on bridges linking south Lebanon with the rest of the country.

The military action started after the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement in a border operation.

So the Israeli's bombed an airport and a series of bridges in response to a terrorist group taking 2 of their soldiers hostage. Even and balanced response I'm sure.

The Israeli's have been on a huge power trip since they were given their land after World War II 60 years ago. I really wonder if it was a good decision to strip the arab nations of their land without any sort of agreement and give it to the jews. I won't go so far as to say that Iran, Syria and Lebanon should bomb Israel back to the stone ages but a couple of good jew poundings might actually help things in the middle east. Bring everyone back to the same level so talks between the arab nations might actually get somewhere and produce some meaningful results.

And as expected:
The White House, which considers Hezbollah a terrorist outfit, condemned the capture of the soldiers and pointed the finger at Israel's two main foes, Iran and Syria, which both bankroll the fundamentalist Shiite movement.

"We call for the immediate and unconditional release of the two soldiers. We also hold Syria and Iran, which directly support Hezbollah, responsible for this attack and for the ensuing violence," said national security spokesman Frederick Jones.

Washington also defended Israel's ground incursion into Lebanon -- the first since the 2000 pullout, saying its chief Middle East ally was entitled to defend itself against "terrorist" attacks.

If this was North Korea responding to South Korea capturing a couple of their soldiers, there would be a massive outcry and the world would demand North Korea to pull their head in or risk getting bombed. Are the jews so far entrenched in the US system that blind support for Israel is not just advised, but is mandatory?

And don't you just love how the US can drag Iran and sometimes Syria into any situation that they see fit...


James Howard Shott said...

A good stiff shot of reality will do wonders for your warped perspective.

Craig said...

A good stiff shot of reality? Warped?

Care to elaborate?

What solution do you see for the middle east? More bombing by Israel on civilian targets? In return the terrorists go even harder at their objective?

James said...

Hey James,

Beautifully written and insightful post you've crafted there. At least make an effort at a critique. C'mon give it a go - we know you can do it. Stop hiding your star under a bushel.

What's the "reality" of the Middle East situation? That the western view is largely coloured by US biased media reports painting Israel as blameless? That the Arabs are the villans? Still using the holocaust as an excuse 50 years later for what could be argued are attempts at Arab genocide?

Are you a resident of Israel? Can you give us a perspective of what it's like on the ground (amidst the rubble?)

Got anything extra to say that a pithy one liner?

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

So when a nation is surrounded by those who have sworn its destruction, when there soldiers are ambushed, killed or captured, Israel is supposed to grin and bear it?

Israel attacked airstrips; in return their neighborhoods are bombed.

I wish to correct you... it doesn't seem hard at all for you to be antisemitic.

Craig said...

"So when a nation is surrounded by those who have sworn its destruction, when there soldiers are ambushed, killed or captured, Israel is supposed to grin and bear it?"

Yes they probably should. To quote someone more educated than I: "How would you feel as a Palestinian who had lived peacefully in a region for many years until an international decree deposited a nation of people in your midst? These people then start expending and taking over land which you'd lived on. America is uncomfortable enough with illegal immigration from Mexico (taking your jobs allegedly). What would happen if a Mexican state was established in Texas or Louisiana to enable them to remain in the country displacing the locals? Wouldn't the local Americans be justified in showing their displeasure?"

I think that sums it up quite well. The Palestinians and Lebanese are quite justified in their hatred of Israel. And Israel hasn't helped matters is the past by taking more land when it suited them. They may have handed some back, but they still aren't even back to their orginal borders.

Tom said...

Let us not forget that Israel's forefathers and the Arabs come from the same stock.

This enhances the irnoy of the situation, in my mind, because somewhere along the line the two nations have come to hate each other.

The fact of the matter is that the Roman Empire displaced Israel way back when, and the nation effectively ceased to exist. What is a nation, anyway, other than an arbitrary border. In today's world, nation does not equal "race", a truth demonstrated in countless countries throughout the world.

Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the second world war, the winners chose to re-create a nation based on a race of people because they allegedly had nowhere to live, and yes that was once their homeland.

Today we see the results of some countries meddling with the affairs of others, and we continue to see that down to this day with the "war on terror".