Monday, July 03, 2006

United States of Prententious Tossers

I stumbled upon a website titled 'It's Called Soccer, Dude' and even I was surprised at the pretentiousness of the stupid USians who created it.

The British founded the English language.
And, like all things worthwhile, it took America to perfect it.

Once again (snore) the United States of America brings leadership and solidarity to the world- unifying all nations under one name and one common vision for the future. Our vision. Let the Earth rejoice in the singularly correct name for the 'World's Game' heretoforth...
It's Called Soccer. Dude.

The Spanish founded the idea of invading a country and fucking over it's inhabitants.
And like all things ignorant, it took America to perfect it.

Sure we call football soccer here in Australia, at least we don't have the prententiousness to try and make the rest of the world change the name of their national sport..

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