Monday, July 03, 2006

Waving your dick in the wind...

Unless you have been in a media blackhole over the weekend, you would have heard about the forced eviction of two housemates on Big Brother for a 'breach of the rules'.

Channel ten and Southern Star Endemol (BB producers) have followed the line that John (Brazilian with strange hair and mild Tourettes) and Ashley (bogan brickie from Rockingham) seriously breached the Big Brother rules and were evicted. Little of the actual event has been released.

But thanks to some BB tragics (what they were doing awake at 4:30 am watching BB is beyond me) who like to watch the live streaming from the house at odd times, the real story has been let out and here we are:
At approximately 4.30am Saturday morning Camilla went to John and Ashley's bed. While there John held down Camilla while Ashley knelt over her, apparently slapping her in the face with his penis. At one stage John was holding Camilla down by her head. The incident went to air over the internet streams and several users recorded screen captures which are now circulating the internet. At the time Camilla was quoted as saying "thats not cool".

So essentially John and Ashley 'sexually assaulted' Camilla. The fact they held Camilla down against her will and and performed the act, made the decision of BB to evict John and Ashley the only option.

The calls to axe Big Brother are a completely knee-jerk response to an unfortunate incident that was dealt with by Big Brother in the proper way.

Oh, and I have pictures:

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