Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lebanon vs. Israel, Wrestlemania XXVII

The blog has been a bit quiet of late due to me being on holidays and avoiding most news sources and there not being enough things to drive me to post about them. But I have returned with probably the most important thing going on in the world today...

The Lebanon-Israeli conflict continues to drag on with more Israeli soldiers getting killed and even more Lebanese civilians being killed in the return fire. During my avoidance of most news sources I did manage to catch a highlights package of a Sky News interview with a Scottish bloke named George Galloway. The package made George out to be quite a raving loon. And then today, I find a link to a YouTube video of the full interview. George comes across as a much more sane individual than the highlights package presented. Have a watch and see what you think.

Of course, it goes without the saying the silly bitch conducting the interview prolly has no clue about the history between Israel and Lebanon and that she was reading from a list of prepared questions. Her inability to effectively counter Mr Galloway shows her to be just a blonde face on TV.


Tom said...

Well he certainly doesn't sound like a nutter. I would love to see a comparison against the highlight reel you mentioned.

If it does paint him as a crazy person, then it clearly shows the biased reporting prevalent in today's Western media.

Nevertheless he makes some very good points. Things which most people don't know about. Most people are too lazy to research anything other than what they see on the news.

Then they formulate an opinion based on that. Of course most people will then argue black and blue for their anti-terrorism point of view without giving thought to the injustice that Israel dispenses at the same time.

Yorkshire Soul said...

He's a British MP, ex of the Labour Party who kicked him out on some trumped up charge, he now has his own political party - Respect.

He is a clever bloke, but an odd one, he became a Celebrity Big Brother inmate and made a right fool of himslef pretending to be a cat.