Friday, September 22, 2006

Hmmm... Has Subaru lost it?

Since 2000, Subaru have been doing a lot of playing with the Impreza to try new looks and much of their work has received fairly bad reactions. But, people are still buying Impreza's in decent numbers so brand loyalty and quality may count for a lot.

The infamous bug-eyed Impreza started the trend and the current 'plane grille' look seems to be holding up to the ugly stick quite well. Now that the man responsible for some of the bad decisions has being given the boot, and Toyota has bought in, the look of the Impreza is changing again.

In an attempt to shed its boy-racer image, Subaru has toned down the look of its cult car, the Impreza WRX. As these spy shots show, the Japanese manufacturer has opted for a more conventional European hatchback look for the new Impreza.

The disguised WRX hatch was spotted undergoing hot-weather testing in California. Engineers in a Volkswagen Golf GTI were tailing the car, giving an indication of where Subaru is aiming.

If the spy pics below are any indication, the Subaru designers have more than toned down the Impreza, they have turned it into a boring fuckin' Corolla.... Oh well, at least they haven't taken it to Camry levels of boredom.

Here are the pics:

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Rav`N said...

I like soem of the old Impreza designs, but this one is just plain ugly.