Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jong Deh Electronic Factory...

The other day I had to get the screwdriver out to fix the DVD player that Calvin uses to watch Bob the Builder, Hi-5, The Wiggles, Nemo, Monsters Inc. and Little Red Tractor. And no, Calvin didn't try to watch them all at the same time, one of the little tension springs that keeps the drive bay door shut came away and was causing some sticking issues. I removed the cover of this $79 DVX Strathfield cheapie DVD player and was surprised at the lack of hardware contained inside. The contents were:
  • One DVD drive
  • One power supply module PCB
  • One logic and video processor PCB
  • One control panel PCB...

So much spare space in a fairly small unit really. I had a close look at the DVD drive to see what sort it was and what I found gave me some amusement.


Look closely at the image above and have a look at the location where the unit was made.

I would hate to have to write that as my return address on tax returns and other semi-important stuff, but in Mandarin it probably translates to just 4 or 5 characters.

The drive it turns out is a fairly standard unit that is used in a lot of generic brand DVD players. It is probably used in brand name players too but those companies would at least relabel the drives to their own specs.

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