Friday, October 27, 2006

We're off to see the rally, the wonderful rally of Oz...

...for the last time in Western Australia for the forseeable future.

My favourite time of year has rolled around again. Rally Australia 2006 kicked off last night at the Gloucester Park Super Special Stage. Today I off down in Dwellingup having a hoon on some nice gravel roads in an effort to get to spectator points before the first cars came through.

Here are some of my pics from today:


I must send a big thanks out to an Officer Naydin (I think) of the WA Police Service who didn't give me a ticket for 70 in a 60 zone on the way out of Pinjarra this morning. He said to me: "Doing 70 in a 60 is not a heinous crime. I'm not going to book you but watch your speed.". After he took my details for their log book, he bid me good day and sent me on my way, albeit slightly slower.

Coming soon: Miss Rally Australia Finalists 2006

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