Friday, November 24, 2006

Banned by MTV

Faithless has another single out for consumption by the masses. Following on from the last few releases from them, it follows the same theme of war.

What sets this song apart is the cool video that has been made for it. Have a look below:

Directed by: Howard Greenhalgh

MTV refused to broadcast this clip.

Director said "I didn't see the video as particularly political, pro war, or anti war. It's actually a representation of where we are all at right now. War infects all our lives; recently it feels that this has increasingly become 'our way of life'"

The only reason why this won't be shown on MTV is solely due to the coffin with the US flag draped over it. The US seem a little too sensitive when it comes to seeing their soldiers come home dead. It's a fucking war, people die.

Or maybe it is guilt of sending these troops to their deaths all based on a myriad of lies.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daylight Savings, finally!

WA will get a three-year daylight saving trial after upper house MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the controversial bill.

Just after 3.30pm yesterday, upper house MPs voted 21-10 in favour of the bill, despite last week's delays and debate.

The state's lower house passed a bill last month which would introduce daylight saving from December 3 for a three-year trial, to be followed by a referendum in 2009. - From

About time goddamit. Not about time we have daylight savings, but about time the pollies actually made a decision on the matter. The last week or so, the DLS bill has been discussed in the upper house at great length. It was even quite clear that MPs opposed to the bill were deliberately stalling the process in order to try and stop the clocks being moved forward this year.

There has been all sorts of outcry over this subject. The list of grievances include:

  • The decision was undemocratic - We vote democratically to have our representatives in the houses of parliament vote on matters for us. In this matter they voted for a trial of DLS, to be followed with a referendum.
  • We have already voted 3 times on this - Since the last referendum on DLS 14 years ago, the population of WA has grown by about 400,000 people. Take into account the people who were unable to vote previously and you have a very different population voting on this issue in 3 years time. Just because a decision was made 14 years ago, does not mean that it is to stay that way forever.
  • Parents will have a hard time putting kids to bed - Forget about the faded curtains and cows that won't produce milk, this whinge is the new age anti-DLS argument. Parents just need to learn how to say 'No' to their kids. And conversely, having it be dark much longer in the mornings will probably mean the kids sleep a bit longer.

I lived with DLS as I grew up in various states of Australia and I thought it was great. Being able to have dinner and still have an hour or so to play was great. I am hoping in 3 years time when the people of WA have experienced DLS as part of normal life will vote to keep it part of our calendar.


* Yet More YouTube

Lots of film of Jeremy Clarkson destroying cars...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More good stuff from YouTube

I know I have already put up a few videos today, but fuck it, this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Here is a couple more videos.

First one is a very funny looking movie. I hope it lives up to the trailer.

The french seem to like taking something fairly normal and taking to an extreme, Le Parkour is a good example. Here is a French dude who thought rollerblading on two feet wasn't enough, so he strapped another couple of dozen wheels and castors to his body.

No wonder they end up dead...

US Death toll in Iraq: 2,865

With fun activities like what is shown in the video below, that score is bound to go higher...

What goes around...

John Safran has been aptly described as a guerilla filmmaker and the following clip demonstrates his inflammatory methods quite well. Enjoy.

The tide has turned...

Just a few short years ago, the following video would have got MSNBC and Keith Olbermann labelled un-American and a terrorist sympathiser. But now, as the US (and the world) is waking up to the lies spewed forth by Bush and his cronies, the following video is viewed as good reporting.

Keith Olberman on Bush and Vietnam

Did you notice the little cameo by our 'arse-licking' PM in the footage from Vietnam? Snivelling little fuck.

Friday, November 17, 2006

This guy wants to be PM?

The leader of the federal opposition, Kim Beazley, seems to be trying really hard to look mentally deficient.

He has made yet another name mix up when offering condolences to Rove McManus on the death of his wife. Instead of expressing sympathy to Rove McManus, he instead expressed his sympathy to Karl Rove, George Bush's deputy head of staff.

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has committed a major blunder, confusing grieving TV host Rove McManus with White House strategist Karl Rove.

McManus's wife, actor Belinda Emmett, was farewelled at a funeral in Sydney today after succumbing to cancer last weekend at the age of 32.

Mr Beazley began a press conference in Sydney today by expressing his sympathy - but to the wrong Rove.

"The first thing I want to say is this - today, our thoughts and the thoughts of many, many Australians will be with Karl Rove as he goes through the very sad process of burying his beloved wife," Mr Beazley said.

"And I just want him to know that my thoughts and the thoughts of my colleagues are very much with him today." - from

Listen to it here (mp3).

Is Kim going senile?

This isn't the first time he has made a major mistake like this, last year he referred to accused druggie Michelle Leslie and Michelle Lee, and earlier this year mixed up the Reserve Bank Governor and Resources Minister, both have the same name Ian Macfarlane.

Like the Democrats in the US, the Libs don't even have to try to discredit the Labour party. They do it quite well on their own.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fremantle, the stinky port city...


Fremantle, a city that tries really hard to be a hub for tourists and locals alike with its great range of pubs, restaurants and other attractions, has a problem. A really big problem. And I'm not talking about the homeless folk and the drunk aboriginals having a corroboree down the park with that bags of goon and slabs of Emu Bitter.

The problem is that every couple of weeks the city smells like an ovine toilet (for those in the know, the Trilogy toilet was on a par). The livestock carriers that turn up to be loaded with anywhere between 70,000 and 125,000 sheep for transport to the Middle East.

I'm not against the transportation of live animals by ship (from what I have seen, the conditions have improved for the animals by a huge amount in the last few years), but when you get thousands of sheep that shit and piss in a very small space, you are gonna get some serious issues. Out in the middle of the ocean it doesn't really matter, but in port it is a horrible thing.


Fremantle has been a place where all tourists that visit Perth usually head to. I wonder what the tourists take away with them (other than an upset stomach) when they get a whiff of the horrible smell that wafts around the city every few weeks. 

What about the people who live in Freo? They seem to be silent on the matter. Do they have some strange affection with the smell of sheep urine? And do these people really think spending over half a three quarters of a million dollars on a (small) house with harbour views that also has harbour smells is a valuable investment?

GMail for mobile

Google have taken another step towards being omnipotent with the release of their new product, GMail for mobile.

It is an excellent little Java app for your Java-enabled mobile phone. It doesn't just allow you to look at your email from your phone, it also supports viewing images and even PDFs.

Sure, it isn't exactly easy to compose and read emails on a 5 cm, 320x240 resolution screen using a alphanumeric keypad, but for those times when you need to keep an eye on your email it works really well.

The only downside is the stupidly expensive GPRS data rates that all the mobile carriers have.

Rally Australia 2006 Wrap-up

Yeah, I know it is a bit late but last week was totally nuts with car, kid and work stuff.

But here is the best of the photos I took from the weekend:

CRW_0203-01 CRW_0183-01
CRW_0171-01 CRW_0072-01
CRW_0071-01 CRW_0047-01
CRW_0012-01 CRW_9896-01
IMG_9697 CRW_0104-01

To view all the good photos from the weekend, go see my Rally Australia 2006 Flickr set.