Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daylight Savings, finally!

WA will get a three-year daylight saving trial after upper house MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the controversial bill.

Just after 3.30pm yesterday, upper house MPs voted 21-10 in favour of the bill, despite last week's delays and debate.

The state's lower house passed a bill last month which would introduce daylight saving from December 3 for a three-year trial, to be followed by a referendum in 2009. - From

About time goddamit. Not about time we have daylight savings, but about time the pollies actually made a decision on the matter. The last week or so, the DLS bill has been discussed in the upper house at great length. It was even quite clear that MPs opposed to the bill were deliberately stalling the process in order to try and stop the clocks being moved forward this year.

There has been all sorts of outcry over this subject. The list of grievances include:

  • The decision was undemocratic - We vote democratically to have our representatives in the houses of parliament vote on matters for us. In this matter they voted for a trial of DLS, to be followed with a referendum.
  • We have already voted 3 times on this - Since the last referendum on DLS 14 years ago, the population of WA has grown by about 400,000 people. Take into account the people who were unable to vote previously and you have a very different population voting on this issue in 3 years time. Just because a decision was made 14 years ago, does not mean that it is to stay that way forever.
  • Parents will have a hard time putting kids to bed - Forget about the faded curtains and cows that won't produce milk, this whinge is the new age anti-DLS argument. Parents just need to learn how to say 'No' to their kids. And conversely, having it be dark much longer in the mornings will probably mean the kids sleep a bit longer.

I lived with DLS as I grew up in various states of Australia and I thought it was great. Being able to have dinner and still have an hour or so to play was great. I am hoping in 3 years time when the people of WA have experienced DLS as part of normal life will vote to keep it part of our calendar.

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Aurelius said...

As a daylight saving debate simmers here on the other side of the country, I've only ever heard one sensible objection to it. By the fella who runs the local drive-in.
it would mean the sun would set later, and he would therefore have to show his films an hour later.
Every other explanation I've heard (causes skin cancer - the Premier says that one!; bad for the economy - clear BS!; and it's a tool to oppress the workers [that one still baffles me!]) is a complete pile of horse sh*t