Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fremantle, the stinky port city...


Fremantle, a city that tries really hard to be a hub for tourists and locals alike with its great range of pubs, restaurants and other attractions, has a problem. A really big problem. And I'm not talking about the homeless folk and the drunk aboriginals having a corroboree down the park with that bags of goon and slabs of Emu Bitter.

The problem is that every couple of weeks the city smells like an ovine toilet (for those in the know, the Trilogy toilet was on a par). The livestock carriers that turn up to be loaded with anywhere between 70,000 and 125,000 sheep for transport to the Middle East.

I'm not against the transportation of live animals by ship (from what I have seen, the conditions have improved for the animals by a huge amount in the last few years), but when you get thousands of sheep that shit and piss in a very small space, you are gonna get some serious issues. Out in the middle of the ocean it doesn't really matter, but in port it is a horrible thing.


Fremantle has been a place where all tourists that visit Perth usually head to. I wonder what the tourists take away with them (other than an upset stomach) when they get a whiff of the horrible smell that wafts around the city every few weeks. 

What about the people who live in Freo? They seem to be silent on the matter. Do they have some strange affection with the smell of sheep urine? And do these people really think spending over half a three quarters of a million dollars on a (small) house with harbour views that also has harbour smells is a valuable investment?

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