Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The tide has turned...

Just a few short years ago, the following video would have got MSNBC and Keith Olbermann labelled un-American and a terrorist sympathiser. But now, as the US (and the world) is waking up to the lies spewed forth by Bush and his cronies, the following video is viewed as good reporting.

Keith Olberman on Bush and Vietnam

Did you notice the little cameo by our 'arse-licking' PM in the footage from Vietnam? Snivelling little fuck.

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James said...

It is refreshing to see that the criticism (which is justified) of the president (he doesn't deserve capitalisation) has moved from Comedy Central to the 'real' news networks. Even the lapdogs of CNN and Fox have begun to criticise the president. Of course MSNBC has a bit more spine in that regard but the others are catching up. Of course the cynic in me thinks it's largely to do with the weight of public opinion. That is - the majority of people in the US think he's a moron so they can improve their ratings by telling them what they want to hear... and in the red(neck) states they'll be assisting TV retailers who'll sell more sets when the retards use their Smith&Wesson remotes to change the channel.