Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Angry, angry man...

Henry Rollins, probably one of the angriest men on the planet, has always had a lot to say about social issues which has kind of turned him into a cult figure for the disaffected. Whether you believe with the man's views or not, you have to say he does is quite passionate about whatever he chooses to talk.

I have been a casual observer of Henry for a few years now, I was lent a few of his spoken word releases on CD, and he really does know how to use language quite powerfully. Maybe that is part of him being a songwriter.

What I have found for you below is a pretty passionate video of Henry teeing off on the issue of net neutrality, an issue some see as a US government sponsored effort to take a voice away from the people.

He starts the rant like this (transcript here):
Freedom is under attack. Under attack by hysterical and well funded Christian psychotics, intellectually undernourished leaders who lie and manipulate information, overfed Baby Huey coward bitch motherfuckers like Karl Rove and their suck up weakling apologists like Sean Hannity. To question authority is to be somehow unpatriotic, unAmerican and in league with terrorists worldwide?


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