Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You can't make shit like this up...

This report from BBC had me quite amused.

An overweight woman who got stuck in a South African cave trapped 22 fellow tourists for more than 10 hours and had to be prised free with liquid paraffin.

The woman became trapped in the Tunnel of Love obstacle in the Cango Caves in Western Cape on New Year's Day.

The fact that the woman was warned before entering the cave that she might not fit makes it all the more amusing.

Mr Gerstner said the woman was "told at the ticket office that she was too big to take part in the specific section".

He said she was again warned by the guide but that it was "very difficult to discriminate".

 But one thing puzzled me...

The tourists, including two asthmatic children, were given blankets, water and chocolate bars as the rescue proceeded.

One rescuer was able to climb over the woman to deliver insulin to the diabetic.

If a rescuer could climb over the stuck woman, why couldn't the tourists climb out over the woman?

I must be strong, must refuse to make any jokes that only 1 out of every 5 chocolate bars passed through to the trapped tourists made it... oops, too late.

On a sort of related note, here is one angry woman's take on obesity.

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