Sunday, March 18, 2007


Some fucking logic in the road safety argument/shitfight, after a bad weekend on WAs roads:

Weekend deaths bring WA road toll to 63

Western Australia's road toll has climbed to 63 for the year, with eight deaths in the past 48 hours.

A motorcyclist was killed when he came of his bike in the Perth hills suburb of Lesmurdie this afternoon.

Seven other motorists have been killed since Friday night.

Grant Dorrington would have practising his mantra's and getting his propaganda cronies all warmed up, and then someone brings some logic into the situation:

Despite the high number of fatalities, WA Police Minister John Kobelke says the Government's road safety strategy is working.

"More people are being saved by our strategy but because of the increased number of vehicles, the millions of kilometres more being driven we are not seeing a marked reduction in the deaths overall," he said.


WA Police Minister John Kobelke says he is horrified at the loss of more lives on the roads.


"What we do know is that the current road safety strategy has been working, that is on average there have been 34 deaths less each year than what there were in 2000, so more people are being saved by our strategy," he said.

Grant Dorrington's ears would have been searing in pain...

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The Owl said...

wow. Police are actually using some logic.

Of course they actually claim that the "drop 5, saves lives" et al campaign is working. I suppose it is.

Or is it just safer cars that we have that are reducing the actual fatalities.

As with all statistics, then can hide or show whatever you want them to.

Now all we need is someone to start listening to the RAC et al and start actually building safer roads, too.