Monday, March 05, 2007

I don't get fashion...


I really don't get fashion. I really don't.

Last night while I was out at the park enjoying the summer night, a girl wearing those in-vogue hipster jeans came along and sat down on the grass a little way away from me. Of course the view was similar to that shown above. She was conscious of her ass crack showing so she covered it up with her jumper/cardy thing.

My question is... why do people choose clothes that they don't feel comfortable in at all times? It just seems damn silly to me that you wear something that shows off parts of you that you don't want others to see. What is the point of wearing anything at all?


Michael said...

I agree, whenever I see ass crack I like to tell them "I can park my cycle in there!"

The guys walking around in pants six sizes too big for them, forever pulling them up always gets me too.

Bill said...

Same here! Not sure who was the fahsion designer first to design such an ugly outfit! It really make me sick when I saw teens wearing the super low cut pants! Can't they just wearing a bit normal. No sexy just ugly. Huh. signing off

Opinionnation said...

it depends on who is wearing the crackwear.

what about the sweat pants that have phrases like "juicy" on the ass

Brent said...

I'd say that it all depends on who is wearing this.

If an attractive woman wants to show me her butt, why on Earth would I be complaining?

It looks like the person in the picture needs to get some sun! And I thought my ass is white!