Thursday, April 19, 2007

If you ever needed another reason not to buy a Daewoo...

...or a Daewoo badged as a Holden.

Just watch this crash test video of a 2006 Holden Barina (nee Daewoo Kalos):

Each vehicle model tested in ANCAP is subjected to an offset crash test into a barrier, a side impact test and a pedestrian impact test. A pole test is optional. The vehicles purchased for the test program were typical of those vehicles available to new car purchasers.

The offset frontal crash test simulates colliding with another vehicle.
In this test, 40% of the car, on the driver’s side, initially makes contact with a crushable aluminium barrier at 64km/h.

The side impact test consists of running a 950kg trolley into the driver’s side of the test vehicle at 50km/h. The trolley has a crushable aluminium face to simulate the front of another vehicle.

A pole test is an optional extra test, available at the manufacturer’s cost, if the vehicle performs very well in the side impact test and is fitted with head protecting side airbags. The vehicle impacts a steel pole lined up with the driver’s head, at 29km/h sideways.

ANCAP rated the Barina at 2 stars. I reckon that car would go close to killing you in accident where the impact was 80 km/h or higher. Check out the way the A pillar deforms!

As a comparison, here is a video of a Toyota Yaris doing the same test:

The Yaris received a crash rating of 4 stars.

People make the choice to save $3,000 at a dealer, only to increase their risk in the long term. Stupid, stupid, people.

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