Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holy shit!!!

I just found this at Engadget:

You won't be seeing one of these sensors in your fashioncam any time soon. Canon has built a 50 megapixel CMOS monstrosity, which is reportedly almost twice the resolution of its nearest competition, and is prepping it as a sort of large format surveillance camera for monitoring large, busy areas such as parking lots and theme parks, along with detailed work like factory part inspections. Despite the sensor's clear industrial-end aims, Canon has managed to build its prototype at 19 x 28mm in size, the same dimensions of the sensors in its DSLR cameras, so who knows where this tech could end up in the long run. So far Canon hasn't even announced release plans for this current incarnation, so we aren't going to go hawking our existing shooter just yet.


50 megapixels would be amazing. Although it introduces so many issues like processing the data in real-time and storing all those bits. Imagine the size of the RAW files that come out of this thing. If my camera (a Canon D60, 6.3 megapixel) produces a RAW file anywhere between 5 MB and 9 MB, multiply that resolution by 8 and using the lossless compression you would have to estimate (depending on the algorithm) the RAW files would be 40 MB or more...

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