Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meat raffle or brothel poker...

A Victorian strip club has hit upon a great idea, the winner of their weekly poker night gets a free half-hour voucher for the local brothel. This is marketing at its best, instead of the standard in advertising of alluding to sex (although some go way further than others), this strip club just gives it away.

But, of course, there are some folks who think this is a bad thing...

A VICTORIAN strip bar has sparked outrage by rewarding the winner of its Saturday night poker tournament with a brothel voucher.

Alley Cat Hotel owner Fred Scharkosi says the prize has made it the busiest Texas hold 'em poker house in Geelong.


"Some venues offer a drink card or a chicken parma - ours is a free half-hour session at the local bordello," Mr Scharkosi said.


Family groups are disgusted.


"We are seriously disappointed that a local business thinks that a brothel voucher is an appropriate prize to hand out in a public venue," Australian Family Association president Angela Conway said.

What the fuck is this family group smoking. It isn't exactly a public venue. It is a strip club for god's sake. The people who frequent these establishments are looking for a specialised form of entertainment and the prize for twinning the poker tournament is the pinnacle of that entertainment.

And anyway, if people don't want to win a half-hour voucher at a brothel, they don't have to enter the tournament. And even if someone that was married and/or had a family, I reckon he would give the voucher to a single mate in exchange for a carton or three. Everyone wins...

Whenever there is a complaint like this, the Australian Family Association are generally the wankers responsible for the ruckus. What happened to the notion that people can choose their own path. With my, albeit limited, experience with strip clubs, I would be guessing that there would be a fairly wide crossover between the patrons of strip clubs and brothels.

I went looking for some more information about the Australian Family Association and found it here, in all its 90s HTML goodness.

There aims:

The objectives for which the Association is established are as follows:


(i) to cultivate within society an appreciation that the integrity and well being of the family is essential to the stability, morale, security and prosperity of the Australian nation;


(ii) to analyze laws and policies for their effect on the family and to formulate and promote corrective measures as necessary;


(iii) to support initiatives taken by other individuals and organisations in support of the traditional family;


(iv) by means of conferences, seminars and the active involvement of individuals and groups, to create public awareness of the fundamental importance of the family unit;


(v) to facilitate research and act as a resource centre for the effective pursuit of the Association's objectives;


(vi) to facilitate programs in family education;


(vii) to promote and encourage the development of services to assist families in difficulties; and


(viii) to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

How does complaining about a strip club poker tournament fit into those objectives? I'd really like to know.

They have action plans in the following areas:

  • Stem cell research - They are against all stem cell research on embryos, regardless of whether they have been fertilised or not. Nevermind the non-fertilised embryos would never have been a baby in the first place...
  • Internet pornography - They actually want all internet traffic in Australia to be filtered to stop all porn from being accessed by anyone, that includes adults who apparently aren't mature enough to make their own decisions.
  • Gay marriages - No gays allowed to marry.
  • Abortion - I don't think this will ever be resolved, regardless of religious intervention.

How does banning stem cell research affect most families in Australia? Thinking about it, I would have to say that banning stem cell research would be more detrimental to a family. Embryonic stem cell research seems to offer the most hope for finding the answer to cure many illnesses that rip families apart. The eggs that are used in somatic cell nuclear transfer stem cell research are eggs that are donated and would probably never be fertilised and be discarded after 3-5 years on ice.

As a long time user of the internet (>12 years now), I think I have seen a fair proportion of what is out there. There is some pretty sick stuff and I would never let my kid see it. But I don't see why the government should be made to enforce a ban on all internet pornography. Why doesn't the AFA push for more education to help parents know how to protect their own children from porn? Of course they wouldn't do that because they want to control us, not let us make our own informed decision.

It seems like most of their action areas have more to do with controlling how people choose to live their lives, rather than improving the situation of families.

Don't they have anything better to do with their time? It seems not.

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