Monday, December 03, 2007

Can Grant Dorrington be a bigger idiot?

From ABC News:
The Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia has urged the State Government to look at ways to improve road safety for motorcyclists.

The group spoke out in the wake of the death of a 24-year-old man on the Goldfields on Saturday, taking to 33 the number of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists this year.

Police say the man's motorcycle and a semi-trailer collided on the Goldfields Highway.

The Association's President David Wright says the increase in the number of fatalities is a worrying trend.

"The year isn't over yet so hopefully we don't get any more, but obviously there's a lot more motorcyclist's on the road and there's a lot of people who come back to motorcycling that have sort of retired and have been out of it for a few years, " he said.

"We think there should be a bit more training for novice motorcyclists.

"A lot of the other state governments, Victoria, Queensland do an awful lot of education for motorcyclists and training and also for other road users for keeping an eye out for motorcyclists basically.

"Over here the State Government doesn't seem to do anything at all in the way of advertising."

The WA Motorcycle Riding Association is trying to be proactive in the area of road safety because motorcyclists make up an disproportionate amount of deaths on WA rads (33 out of 205 so far this year). There have been more than a few where it is the fault of the car that has killed the motorcycle rider by pulling out in front of them either because they didn't see them, thought they could beat them or just didn't look for them.

Grant Dorrington's response:
He says motorcyclists should be responsible for their own safety.

"It's just very obvious, you get on a motorbike, they're very powerful, you drive the thing quicker than you should, you're just very vulnerable and unfortunately the road deaths with motorcyclists is an alarming statistic," he said.

So if we use that reasoning, why is Grant supporting even more restrictions of car drivers, and in particular, P-platers. Why can't we all 'be responsible for our own safety'?

And why does the Road Safety Councils recommendations almost always consist of lowering speed limits and more speed cameras when speed is only a factor in 17% of all fatal accidents?

How can we get rid of the current Road Safety Council and put some people there with a real clue in helping save lives on the roads through better training and improved roads, not just by setting arbitrary speed limits with cameras around every corner?